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developing brands.
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performa. is a one-man creative studio based in Wuerselen, Germany.
My name is Jan. Brand designer, web developer, music producer, and sound engineer.

Well-known for high performance user experiences, corporate identities, and design driven by passion.
performa. helps you to establish and grow your brand. Design that works and sets you apart. A new brand from scratch? Rebrand an existing value? You are in the right place with performa.

My target is your project, you are always welcome!
brand engineering
brand engineering
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long story short
the brand vision
is the foundation
for a strong identity.
I create your brand vision, the business strategy that differentiates from competitors and inspires people to let your brand grow consistently and effectively.

My passions are strong brands and intelligent design solutions to get you in pole position for the digital transformation. The target is always to create a distinctive brand based on a unique story.
My design management process starts with a briefing to define goals and objectives, followed by a market research and a target audience analysis.

Finally I set up a design concept that is shaped and optimized to perfection. This includes the following services and much more.
brand engineering
brand development, rebranding
brand development
I love to create brands that adapt quickly to all kind of change to persist in a modern global environment. I love to create the challenge of drafting the perfect guideline, the initial key values that create a high recognition, the brand logo, the individualized corporate typeface, and finally the fancy and elegant website.
Sometimes rebranding is essential to develop a new and differentiated identity. I make your brand image work to ensure your brand is reaching its full potential. Brand design update, brand redesign or full rebranding, parameters like new products, internationalization as well as personal or structural changes require adjustments.
creative direction
conception, advertising campaigns
Being as realistic as possible and innovative at the same time. Setting up the core ideas that set your brand apart to make it connect with your audience.
advertising campaigns
Analyzing the target audience and including your mission, brand name, voice, slogan and visual style. I carefully craft your brand mission statement.
corporate fonts, custom fonts
corporate fonts
Customized fonts suit the needs and image of any professional corporate design which unmistakably represent a company the right way. Corporate typefaces and logos are a deciding factor in its success.
custom fonts
Having developed your brand strategy, I always use a matching font family to create a consistent corporate identity. Slightly shaped to completely new developments, sky is the limit.
ux ui design
graphic design, interactive design
graphic design
Emotional design displays information harmoniously. I ensure that beauty and usability go hand in hand, and therefore your design can discreetly carry your organization's ideals to your users. When you establish a trustworthy visual presence, you hint to users that you know what they want to do. Brochures, flyers, logos and stationaries, booklets, everything is possible.
interactive design
I always unite digital user interfaces and interaction processes to follow growing requirements of professional interaction.
web developing
front-end developing
front-end developing
HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are the most commonly required front-end tools to have you nicely presented online. Individually crafted without using content management systems to make your appearance stand out.
sound design
corporate sound, composition
corporate sound
Corporate sound is the audible part of the corporate identity. I develop and craft an indivisual and catching recognition value for your brand. Audiovisual advertising is more efficient and has a wider range of use, so I take care of that to have you professionally presented everywhere.
As a music composer I always produce tracks from scratch in all kind of musical genres. Electronic or classical music, short clips or complete albums. You get the entire range of producing, mixing, and mastering, comfortably bundled into one single package.
let's talk.
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I'm always open to freelance projects. Whether you want to tell me about a project or just say hi, get in touch! I would love to hear from you.
Further content and the latest projects are shared on social media in detail.
Let's connect and follow me to stay up to date on upcoming stuff.
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Some inspiration for you, a selection of brands that trust in performa.
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